Commercial / Industrial Pumps

Premier Pump and Supply, Inc. offers excellent customer support for all of your Industrial /Commercial applications. Call our office with your specific pumping needs.

We supply, diaphragm pumps, ansi pumps, regenerative pumps, food processing pumps, booster pumps , chemical feed pumps, mag drive pumps, from quality vendors like, Aro, Cornell, Pulsafeeder, Goulds, Hydra-Cell, MTH, Price Pump, Roth, Speck, World Chemical, & OTS Pumps.

Air diaphragm pumps in cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, polypropylene and PVDF for fluid transfer, injection and powder applications. Drum pump version available. Complete line of air accessories and systems

Pulsafeeder Isochem
Magnetically coupled gear and centrifugal pumps constructed of 316SS, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C. Gear pump flows to 55 GPM, pressures to 225 psig. Centrifugal pump flows to 85 GPM, heads to 365 ft.

Pulsafeeder Eclipse
316SS, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C process centrifugal pumps in single and multi-stage design. Single and double seals, flows to 85 GPM, heads to 365 ft.

Goulds Pumps
End suction, multi-stage, waste water/sewage, variable speed "Aquavar", line shaft turbine type pumps in cast iron & 316 SS. Flows to 5000 GPM with heads to 400'. Factory authorized distributor and warranty service center for Goulds G&L and Commercial Water Technology products.

Price Pump Co.
Cast iron, bronze, 316SS centrifugal pumps available as close coupled or pedestal mount. Self priming cast iron and 316SS pumps. Vertical, short setting sump pumps.

Centrifugal Pump Line covering Industrial Processing, Food, Refrigeration, Industrial, Wastewater, Construction, Irrigation and Slurry. Problem solver for high efficiency requirements.

High-pressure pumps in cast iron, bronze, 316SS, Hastelloy C and plastic construction. Flows to 40 GPM, pressures to 2,500 psig.


MTH Pumps
Regenerative turbine pumps. All iron, bronze fitted and 316SS. Single and multi-stage pumps. Flow rates to 100 GPM, discharge head to 2300 ft.

Speck Pumps
Mag Drive turbine pumps for OEM temperature control equipment. Temperatures from -73ºC to +350ºC. Ideally suited for Heat Transfer Fluids such as Galden®, Flourinert™ and other exotic fluids.

Roth regenerative turbine chemical duty pumps provide continuous, high pressure pumping of boiler feed water and corrosive liquids.

World Chemical Co..Ltd.
Polypropylene PVDF, or ETFE seal-less mag drive pumps with NPT or flanged connections, NEMA C-Face motor mounting, patented dry run bearing system. Mag drive submersibles and self-priming models available. Flows to 300 GPM.

Ots Pumps
Gorman Rupp family of Gear and Centrifugal Pumps. OTS Pumps includes Engine Driven, Self priming, Magnetic Driven, Sunp, Coolant Pumps

Pulsatron Series. Solenoid/Electronic Operated Metering Pumps in SS, GFPPL, PVC, PVDF. Perastaltic tube pumps and Turnkey systems for water treatment. OMNI Series Diaphragm Metering pumps in 316SS, PVDF.

PULSAtronPremier Pump and Supply, Inc. can fill your Commercial-Industrial pump applications.
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